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Vinnie Moore

"Collection: The Shrapnel Years"

The Story
Vinnie Moore has set new standards in high performance guitar playing during his 20 year career. The highlights of his progressive compositions and phenomenal solos are included in this riveting CD package - "Collection: The Shrapnel Years". Moore writes, "Seems like just yesterday I was on a plane to San Francisco to record my first record. One second I was a 20 year old kid from a small east coast town practicing guitar all day long, and then suddenly I am recording the soundtrack for a Pepsi TV ad, releasing a solo CD, winning awards in guitar magazines, and doing guitar seminars all over the world. It was just a magical time for me. At 21 I found myself in a position where I was an inspiration to others and this was simply a dream come true. Throughout my career, hearing that I have been a positive influence has remained one of my biggest rewards."

The Music
04:38 In Control Instrumental
04:31 Daydream Instrumental
04:02 Lifeforce Instrumental
07:18 Hero Without Honor Instrumental
08:40 The Maze Instrumental
05:31 Cryptic Dreams Instrumental
05:03 Defying Gravity Instrumental
04:24 Last Road Home Instrumental
05:04 Alexander The Great Instrumental
06:42 Out And Beyond Instrumental
03:37 Meltdown Instrumental
05:14 Check It Out Instrumental

The Artists
Vinnie Moore  -  Guitars, Production, Mixing, Liner Notes
Tommy Aldrige  -  Drums
Andy West  -  Bass
Tony MacAlpine  -  Keyboards
Dave LaRue  -  Bass
Shane Gaalaas  -  Drums, Percussion
Steve Smith  -  Drums
David Rosenthal  -  Keyboards
Wayne Findlay  -  Keyboards, Rhythm Guitar
Barry Sparks  -  Bass
Mike Varney  -  Production
Stephen M. Fontano  -  Production, Engineering
Dino Alden  -  Engineering Assistance
George Horn  -  Mastering
Mooka Rennick  -  Engineering
James Murphy  -  Engineering
Gustavo Venegas  -  Engineering Assistance
Paul Orofino  -  Mixing, Mastering
Christopher Ash  -  Mastering
Bob Biles  -  Engineering
R,B. Hunter  -  Mixing
Phil Edwards  -  Engineering
Noah Landis  -  Engineering
Dave Stephens  -  Graphic Design
Steve Jennings  -  Photography
Lisa Moore  -  Photography
Tim Gennert  -  Remastering

Studios used: Prairie Sun Recording Studios (Cotati, CA), Fantasy Studios, Sound Temple Studio (Oakland, CA), Vinman Studios, Millbrook Sound Studios (Millbrook, NY), Sound One, Neverland Studio (Marin County, CA), Tune Room Studios (Wilmington, DE).

Live tracks recorded by the Phil Edwards Mobile Recording on May 5th and 6th, 1999 at The Edge in Palo Alto, CA.

Remastered at Eugene Productions.

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