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Tony MacAlpine

"Collection: The Shrapnel Years"

The Story
Centered on guitarist Tony MacAlpine's neo-classical style that established him as one of the most innovative musicians of our time, "Collection: The Shrapnel Years" is a must-have for fans of high-performance guitar playing as it contains some of the most phenomenal solos in Shrapnel's rich guitar history. MacAlpine writes, "This collection of songs represents a musically fun period for me and the musicians that were associated with its development had much to do with that. When listening to this CD, one can imagine the hard work and practice it must have taken to create these pieces. However, after the last chord was played and the last mix was mastered, the reasons we undertook this task became clear."

The Music
03:41 Wheel Of Fortune Instrumental
04:27 Agrionia Instrumental
03:31 The Witch And The Priest Instrumental
04:16 Edge Of Insanity Instrumental
05:10 Champion Instrumental
05:23 Rats With Wings Instrumental
05:59 The Violin Song Instrumental
04:13 Tower Of London Instrumental
04:48 The Sage Instrumental
06:17 Time Table Instrumental
05:41 Christmas Island Instrumental
05:33 Chromaticity Instrumental

The Artists
Tony MacAlpine  -  Guitars, Keyboards, Grand Piano, Acoustic Piano, Production, Mixing, Liner Notes
Billy Sheehan  -  Bass
Steve Smith  -  Drums, Production
Mike Terrana  -  Drums
Larry Dennison  -  Bass, Production
Glen Sobel  -  Drums, Production
Tony Franklin  -  Bass
Deen Castronova  -  Drums
Jens Johansson  -  Keyboards on "The Violin Song"
Barry Sparks  -  Bass
Mike Varney  -  Production, Executive Production
Stephen M. Fontano  -  Engineering
Mike Mani  -  Keyboard Programming
George Horn  -  Mastering
Robert Margouleff  -  Production, Mixing
Brant Biles  -  Engineering, Mixing
Bernie Grundman  -  Mastering
Brian Levi  -  Production, Engineering, Mixing
Colin Mitchell  -  Engineering Assistance
Mooka Rennick  -  Overdubs, Mixing, Mastering
Shawn Morris  -  Additional Engineering
Joe Marquez  -  Additional Engineering
Arjan MacNamara  -  Engineering Assistance, Mastering
Kenneth K. Lee Jr.  -  Mastering
Bernie Torelli  -  Mixing, Mastering
Robert Biles  -  Engineering
Dave Stephens  -  Graphic Design
Ross Pelton  -  Photography
William Hames  -  Photography
Tim Gennert  -  Remastering

Studios used: Prairie Sun Recording Studios (Cotati, CA), Fantasy Studios (Berkeley, CA), Clear Lake Audio (Burbank, CA and North Hollywood, CA), Aire L.A. Studios (Glendale, CA), Bernie Grundman Mastering (Hollywood, CA), Rocket Lab (San Francisco, CA), Nomad Studios (Woodland Hills, CA), Neverland Studio (Novato, CA)

Remastered at Eugene Productions.

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