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The Story
"Cab" delivers an aggressive fusion Super Session, bringing together three of the most revered instrumentalists of our time. Featured are guitarist Tony MacAlpine, bassist and producer/engineer Bunny Brunel and drummer Dennis Chambers, blasting out incredible rhythms and delivering ensemble playing and great melodies to create a tight canvas for each player's phenomenal soloing ability. Shred-worthy guitar solos, dizzying keyboards solos (courtesty of MacAlpine), phenomenal bass solos and even some rock-solid drum moments drive the 10 compositions comprising "Cab". Brunel handles the bulk of the songwriting, however MacAlpine contributes three numbers ("So There Is Love", "The Watcher" and "Elastic Man") while "Atamanahi" was co-written by Brunel and Kazumi Watanabe.

The Music
05:18 Night Splash Instrumental
07:14 Cab Instrumental
03:39 So There Is Love Instrumental
05:03 Just Perfect Instrumental
06:56 One For Stern Instrumental
03:44 The Watcher Instrumental
05:20 Atamanashi Instrumental
04:36 Boogie Me Instrumental
05:12 Elastic Man Instrumental
04:37 Bernard Instrumental

The Artists
Tony MacAlpine  -  Guitar, Keyboards
Bunny Brunel  -  4 String Fretless Bass, 4 String Fretted Bass, 5 String Fretless Bass, 5 String Piccolo Synth Bass, Keyboards, Production, Engineering, Mixing
Dennis Chambers  -  Drums
Brian Auger  -  Organ Solo and Bridge Melody on "One For Stern"
Barry Rudolph  -  Engineering, Mixing
Dallan Beck  -  Engineering
Irene Hovey  -  Photography

Digitally recorded at B & W Studios, Woodland Hills and MI Studios, Hollywood, California.

Mixed at B & W Studio on the MACKIE D8b Digital console.

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