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May, 2000 More [Artist Bios]

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  Tim Simmons is a seasoned, spirited guitar player from West Memphis, Arkansas (U.S.A.) who expresses his style as melodic rock, as can be heard on his latest release, "Eternal Dream". photoHis guitar of choice is a 'Brown guitar' (custom). Simmons has played guitar since 1974, and frankly confirms his career goal, "Earn a living by doing sessions, teaching, recording more CDs, audio mastering, soundtracks, etc."

When requested to name his ideal effect for the guitar, Simmons responded with, "Loads of distortion," and submitted his musicial goals, "Probably a bit of bittersweetness. Beautiful, yet somewhat melancholy." He would like to someday study visual arts (painting, sculpting, creating miniature scenes), and is currently listening to nothing in particular. His utmost satisfaction? "Playing the guitar," he answers indisputably.

Simmons mentions ongoing and upcoming projects in his own words, "Dreaming of a time when once again I'll be able to play the guitar and use my now injured fingers."

Guitar Nine visitors have compared the playing style and/or musical approach of Tim Simmons to guitarists such as Joe Satriani and others.


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