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February, 2002 More [Artist Bios]

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  Steve Pappas is a vibrant and skillful axe wielder currently based in Boardman, Ohio (USA) who represents his playing style as acoustic/fingerstyle/world, as a music fan can now experience on his most recent recording, "Refuge". photoHis most utilized guitars include a Takamine EC132 and an Asturias JM15. Pappas has been playing guitar since 1974, and straight from the shoulder discloses his career objective, "To continue to write, and record my own compositions/arrangements for fingerstyle guitar."

When asked to finally make public his favorite or most used effect for the guitar, Pappas unflinchingly stated, "Digital reverb," and continued by outlining his musicial goals, "I want to express my emotions and experiences through each piece." He maintains a desire to, at some point, study historical instruments such as the lute, and is presently listening to Stevan Pasero, David Qualey and Gene Bertoncini. His principal gratification? "When a listener tells me that they wish my music would never stop playing," he explains absolutely.

Pappas wraps up by mentioning current and approaching endeavors enthusiastically, by saying, "During the day I teach music in the public school.  I maintain a studio for private instruction and I practice my instrument daily.  To complete a Christmas CD in 2002."

Guitar Nine visitors have compared the playing style and/or musical approach of Steve Pappas to guitarists such as Scott Campbell and others.


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