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October, 2000 More [Artist Bios]

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  Dan Shimmyo: Out of East Meadow, New York, this hard rock/neo-classical axeman has performed on two albums: photoHeavy Reign’s "Ram’s Rock" (1996) and his 1995 EP-CD "Metamorphosis", which received national attention in Electronic Musician magazine. Shimmyo is also an excellent producer and his compositions are deserving of superlatives.

Daniel Wentworth: A wickedly fast hard rocker from Ann Arbor, Michigan, Daniel Wentworth has released two solo CDs, 1997’s "Caught In A Jam" and his latest work for 2000, "Daniel Wentworth". His playing is marked by dizzying solo passages, extensive whammy moments, wah-wah workouts and two-handed pyrotechnics.

Dan McAvinchey: Raleigh, North Carolina guitarist Dan McAvinchey released his debut instrumental hard rock CD "Guitar Haus" in 1997. His pair of tracks for "Handz Of Danz" represent all new material written specifically for the compilation, and showcase a metal/shred soloing style, incorporating rapid double-picking, aggressive flurries and furious muted runs.

photoDan Begelman: Recording under the group name Project 7, Flushing, New York’s Dan Begelman has released two CDs — "BirthDeathInfinity" in 1997 and "Lost For Words" in 1992. He puts big, fat Marshall-driven Stratocasters and vintage Les Pauls right in your face on his fusion and hard rock styled originals. Begelman’s tracks give "Handz Of Danz" listeners a sample of some intense, lengthier material — jazz/rock with a ferocious edge.

Danny Masters: Colorado’s Danny Masters has two CDs to his credit, a mostly instrumental outing entitled "Electric Babylon" (1997), and a rock/blues vocal project, "`Til The Moon Goes Away" (2000). "Handz Of Danz" includes a new live version of his tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan ("Texas Wind"), and a high-energy, neo-classically flavored original ("Vienna").

Dan McInerney: Based in Preston, Washington, Dan McInerney is a songwriter in the tradition of Larry Carlton and Jan Akkerman, and his playing showcases an assertive and technical rock/fusion edge. His 1997 debut CD, "Machinery", was Guitar Player magazine`s winner in the rock category in their 30th anniversary guitar competition.


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