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April, 2000 More [Artist Bios]

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  Dan Lambert is a vital, dynamic guitarist from El Paso, Texas (U.S.A.) who describes his style as folk-jazz, as demonstrated on his latest release, "The Blue Hand". photoHis guitars of choice include a '52 Martin 000-28 with custom wide neck and a Tony Revell custom acoustic. Lambert has played guitar since 1972, and clearly states his career goal, "To continue making my living at music - performing, recording and teaching."

When asked about his favorite effect for the guitar, Lambert replied, "The rich wooden ring of a good steel string," and mentioned his musicial goals, "To keep progressing and refining and exploring. When someone tells me that my playing created a picture for them or reminded them of a favorite place or person or time or better yet, took them on a little journey, then I feel good." He would love to someday study more classical guitar ("I would love to have a good classical guitar teacher at my beckon call to help me work out technical problems that I encounter"), and is currently listening to the Brazillian cats ("especially Baden Powell"). His greatest satisfaction? "I love to practice," he states unequivocally.

Lambert lists ongoing and upcoming projects thusly, "My next solo guitar CD."


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