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"Bermuda Triangle"

The Story
The "Bermuda Triangle" is a project consisting of guitarist phenom Buckethead (Gn'R, Praxis, El Stew, Deli Creeps), and multi-instrumentalist/producer Extrakd (El Stew, Gonervill). Musically it is a collage of hip-hop and electro-esque beats, dark eerie samples, and live instrumentation played by Buckethead and Extrakd. One track features blazing live drumming by current Gn'R drummer and good friend, Brain. They made this record on a portable digital eight track, made between trips to L.A. and the Bay Area. Fans of underground instrumental hip-hop and trip-hop will love this record, as well as existing Buckethead fans wanting to hear his latest work in a futuristic, nearly all instrumental format.

The Music
00:34 Intro Vocal
00:56 Davy Jones Locker Instrumental
01:48 Flight 19 Instrumental
03:29 Mausoleum Door Instrumental
04:24 Sea Of Expanding Shapes Instrumental
01:16 The Triangle Part I: Extrakd Instrumental
02:01 Bionic Fog Instrumental
02:15 Forbidden Zone Instrumental
01:53 Telegraph Land Of The Crispies Instrumental
02:55 Pullin The Heavy Instrumental
02:38 Phantom Lights Instrumental
03:18 Jabbar On Alcatrazz Avenue Instrumental
03:01 Beestro Fowler Instrumental
02:36 Splintered Triplet Instrumental
02:15 Whatevas Instrumental
04:22 Sucked Under Instrumental
03:14 Isle Of Dead Instrumental
03:19 The Trangle Part II Instrumental
03:18 911 Instrumental

The Artists
Buckethead  -  Guitars, Bass
Extrakd  -  MPC 3000 Bass, SH 101 Turntable, SP 808, Production, Mixing
BobaFett  -  Bass on 16, Clicker on 11
Brain  -  Drums on 3

Recorded at Davey Jones Locker.

Executive Producer: Pale Ryder/Snow Peas.

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