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Eric Johnson

"Ah Via Musicom"

The Story
"Ah Via Musicom" is a celebration by way of the communication of music, as a festival of life. "The communication of music, " states Johnson, "is a heart-bridge gateway to all people: not just the music of instrumentals, but the music everyone can play and hear, the music of humanity, through the instrumentals of love, sharing, giving, friendship and peace." Having heard that, check out the fabulous instrumental, "Cliffs Of Dover". Full of fire, light, and swirling thunder, "Ah Via Musicom" an artistic triumph for Johnson.

The Music
02:04 Ah Via Musicom Instrumental
04:10 Cliffs Of Dover Instrumental
04:55 Desert Rose Vocal
05:46 High Landrons Vocal
01:51 Steve's Boogie Instrumental
04:45 Trademark Instrumental
04:23 Nothing Can Keep Me From You Vocal
01:47 Song For George Instrumental
03:27 Righteous Instrumental
04:13 Forty Mile Town Vocal
03:28 East Wes Instrumental

The Artists
Eric Johnson  -  Guitars, Vocals, Acoustic Piano, Lap Steel, Electric Sitar, Acoustic Guitar, Production, Additional Engineering, Arrangement
Tommy Taylor  -  Drums, Percussion, Arrangement
Steve Barber  -  Synthesizers, Keyboards, Arrangement
Roscoe Beck  -  Bass Guitar, Arrangement
Paul Bissell  -  Percussion
Kyle Brock  -  Bass Guitar, Arrangement
Steven Hennig  -  Guitar
James Fenner  -  Percussion
Reggie Witty  -  Bass Guitar, Arrangement
Jody Lazo  -  Supporting Vocals
Wee Willie  -  Harmonica
Richard Mullen  -  Engineering, Mixing
Vince Mariani  -  Arrangement
Chet Himes  -  Additional Engineering, Technical Assistance
Bob Lacivita  -  Additional Engineering
Walter New  -  Additional Engineering
Dave Parks  -  Additional Engineering, Technical Assistance
Stuart Sullivan  -  Additional Engineering
Bill Johnson  -  Technical Assistance
Jerry Holmes  -  Technical Assistance
Steven Henning  -  M.V.P.
Denny Somach  -  Project Coordination
Michael Frondelli  -  Mixing
Bernie Grundman  -  Mastering
Joe Priesnitz  -  Management
Tommy Steele  -  Art Direction
Jeffery Fey  -  Art Direction, Design
Geof Kern  -  Photography
Max Crace  -  Photography

Recorded at Austin`s Riverside Sound, Saucer One Studio, Arlyn Studios and Studio Seven at various sessions between March, 1988 and June 1989.

Mixed at the Soundcastle Studios in Los Angeles, Austin`s Riverside Sound and Reelsound Recording in Austin.

Mastered at Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood.

Executive production by Cinema Records, Inc.

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